I have been in a few houses lately that have one or two walls painted in an accent color.  A red accent color is not always the best choice–especially if you wish to sell your house. Red is used for stop signs, fire engines, and stoplights because it represents high energy.  Red is known to stimulate the metabolism while increasing heart and respiratory rates. Red can be used in dining rooms, playrooms, or even in an office. But if you want a calming influence, it’s best to use a more neutral color.

Depending upon the light, red can look pinkish, orangey, or coral.  A warm color usually makes a room feel more cozy, but that could also mean it makes the room look smaller.  This color might have been fine with the homeowner’s furniture, but to make it more appealing to almost everyone, Premiere Home Stagers chose this color instead:

Sherwin-Williams Pussywillow SW7643


This color is a blend of taupe and gray; however, when the homeowner opened the can, she said it looked all gray.  This is why I love this color.  Depending upon what you put with it, it can be either taupe OR gray.


This wall will also get painted the same Pussywillow color.

Sherwin-Williams Honed Soapstone SW9126

This house sat on the market for a while.  The dark brown color was a bit too dark with the complementary yellow-ish tan color.

I chose Sherwin-Williams Hone Soapstone (SW9126) to replace the brown color and “play nice” with the tan.


It’s a greenish-gray color. This homeowner called me and thought it looked too green.  But again, I assured her this color would look great.  And, sure enough, the house sold soon after.

Accent Colors

Accent colors can be beautiful on the right walls.  Here is a “rule of thumb” when choosing an accent color:

  • 60 percent of the room – including its painted surfaces and decor – represents your dominant color choice
  • 30 percent should be a secondary color
  • 10 percent is for an accent color
Paint Colors

Premiere Home Stagers is well-versed in helping you choose paint colors. More often than not, I get the comment that “I wouldn’t have chosen this color, but I love it.”  All colors are beautiful, we just need to choose the right one for you.  Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9396 for your color consultation.