Sometimes our best laid plans work out superbly, and other times the Universe has other plans.  Such was the case with this homeowner.  He specifically said he would not be listing his house for many months due to travel plans and the fact that a house he put an offer in didn’t work out.  However, his realtor thought we should go ahead with the staging consultation anyway so that he would be ready when the time came.

The first thing to consider was whether to re-paint this wall the same as the other walls in the room.  However, after viewing the rest of the house, this wall was the only bold color in the house.  And, because it went well with the homeowner’s furnishings, it stayed red.

The 4-season sunroom has a wonderful view of the gorgeous landscaped backyard, brick patio, and a small water feature. However, when inside, your eye tended to gravitate toward the sofa, which was blocking the view.  All it took was a little “do-si-do” of the furniture, and “voila,” the backyard comes into full view.

The large family room consisted of beautiful built-in shelving on either side of the fireplace.  However, the large chair was a barrier into the room and blocked the view of the fireplace–a focal point.  Again, a little moving-the-furniture around, and now the room feels more spacious and serene.  The decorative items on the shelves stand out.

After consulting on the master bedroom and finished basement, I left with just a few instructions for the homeowner to complete before he would list the house.  These are things every home seller would need to do, such as remove personal photos, pare down closets, keep just a few items on the kitchen counter, etc.

A few days later, I talked with his realtor who told me this house is to be listed this week!  The Universe had other plans for this home seller. Since the house is in great shape and in a great neighborhood, it is likely to go fast.

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