verb:   to  design (something) again in a different way
noun:  the action or process of redesigning something.
In theory, a redesign begins with a problem needing to be solved.  Redesigns fail when they address the wrong problem — or something that really wasn’t a problem in the first place.  A lot of times, changing just a few things (like flooring and paint) makes a big impact.
Formal Living Room

The homeowners contacted Premiere Home Stagers through the website and inquired about some redesign work.  I am more than happy to help.  When I arrived, the homeowner said they would be putting their house on the market in about 2-3 years, but wanted to enjoy some updates themselves first.  A wise choice.

In most traditional homes, the front room is either called the parlor or the formal living room.  It rarely gets used by anyone in the household.  Such is the case here. This room needs to have a purpose.  I recommended removing the burgundy chairs and the love seat, taking the small piano from the family room into this room, and adding two new small chairs in the window area. Now the room can function as quiet reading or piano playing.


After viewing the house, we prioritized what needed to be done.  It is far less than what the homeowner thought needed to be done and far less costly.  Some less expensive options were to re-position furniture and paint walls.  They needed new carpeting in the living/dining rooms, and new flooring in the laundry room.  An updated light fixture over the dining table was recommended.

Shower Remodel

The only “big-ticket” item I recommended was to remove the master bathroom closet in order to have a larger shower. Buyers of this price point want an upscale shower, with custom tile work and more than one shower head.  Since I also work part-time for Haver Design & Construction, Inc., I was able to give them a ballpark cost to do this remodel.


I went on Houzz to give the homeowners examples of a few furniture pieces I suggested, as well as photos of what their staircase could look like.  Houzz is a wonderful place to glean ideas.  You can make your own portfolio and upload photos that each party can view and make changes.

In Due Time

Because these homeowners won’t be selling for at least another two years, they have ample time to mull things over and make changes according to my report.  I will check in and provide guidance, shopping help, and hand-holding until they feel comfortable with their choices.  Change can be hard for some people, but also very rewarding.  Call Premiere Home Stagers for your redesign help.  608-345-9396