PANTONE Color Institute

PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet

Pantone Color Institute

“The Pantone Color Institute is a consulting service within Pantone that forecasts global color trends and advises companies on color in brand identity and product development, for the application and integration of color as a strategic asset. Recognized around the world as a leading source of color information through seasonal trend forecasts, custom color development, and palette recommendations for product and corporate identity, Pantone Color Institute partners with global brands to leverage the power, psychology and emotion of color in their design strategy.”

Paint Colors that Sell Homes

While the Pantone Color for 2018 is lovely, I wonder where it will show up.  If you are selling your house, perhaps small pops of this color could brighten up neutral walls or complement colors such as orange, yellow, or green.  Related image

There are no “bad” colors if you choose the correct application for a particular color.

Business Insider

According to Business Insider, June 2017, there are certain colors that people will pay more for and certain colors that people will deduct when putting in an offer on a home.

An analysis done by Zillow of more than 32,000 homes across the U.S. noted the following with regard to paint colors:

  • a beige-gray, or “griege” paint color is worth almost $3500 more than houses with brown or tan wall colors
  • a light blue to soft gray kitchen color will fetch about $1800 more
  • a yellow kitchen will be worth about $820 less
  • red dining rooms are worth $2,000 less than those painted in softer colors
  • blue bedrooms are $1850 more desirable
  • pink bedrooms sell for $200 less
  • white bathrooms are less desirable by $4,000
Ultra-Violet in Interiors

Perhaps this color could work in a powder room since colorful powder room sell for more money than white powder rooms.

You could also incorporate shades of this color in accent pieces like pillows, candles, art prints, or blanket throws. I’ve even seen this color as the main sofa, which looks fabulous in mohair or velvet.  Remember, however, that colors go in and out of style within 5-7 years.  But if you love a particular color, that won’t matter to you.  Do what you love.

ULTRA VIOLET in Home Décor

Whatever your color scheme is, Premiere Home Stagers can help whether you are staying or selling.  There are certain wall colors that might need to be re-done if you want the most money for your house.  Call 608-345-9396