Pricing a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom, 1117 square foot house is based upon the comparables of recently-sold or active properties within its subdivision.

Since the house next door is also for sale, it is definitely a comparable.  However, that house has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a family room.  Both houses are in a desirable neighborhood.

The house next door is vacant:  (listing photo by realty company)

This house’s listing realtor contacted Premiere Stagers & Realty to stage the property.  Why is this a good move?  Because staged houses sell faster and for more money than un-staged homes, even in desirable neighborhoods.

Family Room

One bedroom was turned into this family room, plus a formal dining area was created.  The question is what affect will that have on the listing price, if any.  According to most real estate agents,  in the great majority of cases, a 3-bedroom is easier to sell and has better resale value than a 2-bedroom.  However, some people might prefer a 2-bedroom house rather than a 2-bedroom condo if down-sizing.


People say that bathrooms and kitchen sell houses.  Well, this kitchen is updated with plenty of cabinet space, a dishwasher, plus the washer and dryer are located behind the built-in cabinets.

Next door’s kitchen is original:  (photo by realty company)

People choose houses for different reasons.  Perhaps the house next door is perfect for people who want to renovate and make it their own, or for people who love it just the way it is.  Same as for the staged house.  Someone may want to add a master bedroom ensuite to the back of the house since the yard is quite large.  Or, someone might say this is the perfect size to maintain.

Regardless of which house is chosen, it will be right for the next owner.  The difference is recognizing which house is more appealing when looking at the online photos.  The staged house most always “wins.”

The listing realtor’s testimonial:  “Thank you so much for all your help staging.  The house looks GREAT and we so appreciate everything.”

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