A condo I listed has a very friendly young dog. However, not all people like dogs, or other pets, for that matter.  What can you do to make your home selling experience better for you and for the potential buyer?

  1.  Get your pet groomed.  If  your pet has hair, a professional groomer can remove the extra fluff and dander better.  Anyone with allergies will thank you for that.
  2. Steam clean any fabric furniture whether or not your dog or cat has access to it.  Your clothes harbor hair that transfers when you sit on the furniture.
  3. Professionally clean any area rugs or carpet.  Cats can spray their scent to mark a room, and dogs can have accidents if not taken out on time.
  4. Cover scratches.  Pet toenails leave marks on doors and walls.  For wood millwork, use a wood-filler pen to fill in the scratches. For hardwood floors, rub out small scratches with steel wool or fine sandpaper followed by mineral spirits, wood filler, and polyurethane. For major damage, refinishing the hardwood is a good choice.
  5. Refresh the indoor air quality by using charcoal, an enzymatic spray, or an air purifier.
  6. Clean any pet waste from the yard or empty the litter box frequently.
Showings or Open House?

What should you do with your pet during a showing or an Open House?  It depends upon the pet.  A cat usually hides underneath something and is not easily visible during showings.  A dog, however, usually wants to protect its property and can be scary.

The best case is to remove a pet from the house during showings or an Open House.  But for those who work outside the home, it is not easy to remove a pet during the middle of the day for a short-notice showing.  Perhaps you can hire a neighbor, friend, or relative to dog or cat sit when necessary.  Some put their pets in a crate for part of the day.  Others may choose to use doggie daycare or boarding facilities for a couple of weeks after listing.

Remove pet products
  • Do not post pet photos online
  • Remove pet photos from the house
  • Close and lock pet doors to the basement, garage, or yard
  • Put away food and water bowls when not in use
  • Vacuum every day
  • Put pet toys away
  • Remove any cat trees or perches
  • Pack up all cages, carriers

Houses with pets sell every day.  My dog-friendly listing received 5 offers because her owners knew how to accommodate both a prospective buyer and her pet.  There was not a pet crate nor dog dishes in sight during showings.  We’re headed to closing.

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