I came across a post about “tacky decorating” and wondered specifically what the author defines as “tacky.”  The word “tacky” can mean slightly sticky, but in this case, the author means “in bad taste or of low quality.”

The word “tawdry” usually refers to a person’s habits or dress; is defined as “cheap, gaudy, or showy.” A synonym is “sordid, or shameful.”  However, both words can be used interchangeably at times.

Tacky decorating is difficult to describe, but you know it when you see it.  Often times as the decades pass, what was once perhaps “avant garde” is now tacky.

Tacky Examples
  1.  Wrong-sized area rugs
  2. Too many personal photos
  3. Too many knick knacks
  4. Collections such as spoons, thimbles, shot glasses, roosters
  5. Signs such as “Live, Laugh, Love”
  6. Wallpaper with newsprint or book covers
  7. Ruffled furniture skirts
  8. Too many pillows (sofa, chair, bed)
  9. Taxidermy
  10. Cheap art (macrame or Mason jars)
  11. Weird lamps (A Christmas Story leg lamp)
  12. Band or movie posters
  13. Shag carpeting
  14. Toilet rugs
  15. Plastic furniture covers

Use a Professional

If you are stuck with your home decorating, call on a professional home stager.  All stagers have re-design experience. We start with what you’d love to keep and incorporate those items in a new way.  We give you a different furniture layout that maximizes the space in an efficient and comfortable way. Or, we suggest a few purchases to enhance a room—such as a new bedspread, or art.

Contact Premiere Stagers & Realty for your re-design consultation.  Gina Newell, 608-345-9396