Because housing inventory is so low, there are a lot of buyers who have lost out on their next home even with strong offers.  Even cash offers, over-asking, short closing dates, and an inspection for educational purposes are being rejected.  So what can a real estate agent do?

According to Cara Ameer of Inman, there are several skills agents must have.

  1.  Leadership

Agents should be masters of their craft and exude confidence, enthusiasm and knowledge in what they do every day.  Whether they recognize it, clients want their agent to enlighten, inform and educate them in ways they cannot get from the internet or their friends’ and family. They desire unique perspectives and insight that will give them a competitive edge and a unique angle when it comes to buying and selling.

2.  Emotional Intelligence

  Clients want to look to their agents to be the guiding force amid uncertain situations while exuding empathy for what they are going through. They don’t want an agent who functions as an unemotional robot that conveys a sense of annoyance or arrogance about whatever the situation is at hand, whether that agent is writing their first or 21st offer on behalf of the client.

3.  Honesty and Transparency

Clients should expect their agents to be honest and transparent in all things. They need to paint a realistic picture for both the buyers and sellers about how best to navigate the market and not overpromise and underdeliver.

4.  Problem-Solving Expertise

Negotiations can be fast-paced and complicated. Whether buying or selling, consumers should expect their agents to know how to craft an offer that will get serious consideration. They should understand how to present an offer package that is organized, compelling and easy for the listing agent and sellers to understand.  Clients should expect their agents to have strong relationships with other agents and transaction-related vendors, including appraisers, inspectors, contractors, designers, stagers, mortgage lenders, title and escrow professionals, and real estate attorneys to help solve problems and move things to sold.

5.  High-level Organizational Skills

Clients should expect their agents to be extremely well organized.  They should manage and organize large amounts of information or have the appropriate support systems in place to do so.   Buyers and sellers don’t want to work with disorganized agents who ask for the same information several times or can’t remember where the email with critical information went.

6.  Market Knowledge

Clients should expect their agents to be extremely “dialed in” and able to leverage their networks to find properties that are not on the publicly advertised market available for sale.  Agents should have the tools, technology, and platforms to transact at cloud speed. They need to know how to automate and quickly execute an offer for sale or listing agreement on the fly.

Even with these skill sets, building trust with clients is the most important aspect of real estate.  Entrusting someone with their largest asset when selling or with their very first home purchase when buying is why I am a Realtor.  My focus is on my client’s needs.  I love the relationships that develop with clients.  It makes the world smaller.

–Gina Newell, Premiere Stagers & Realty, brokered by eXp Realty;  608-345-9396