Is it Tacky or Tawdry?

I came across a post about "tacky decorating" and wondered specifically what the author defines as "tacky."  The word "tacky" can mean slightly sticky, but in this case, the author means "in bad taste or of low quality." The word "tawdry" usually refers to a person's habits or dress; is defined as "cheap, gaudy, [...]

Is it Tacky or Tawdry?2021-01-22T13:20:56-06:00

Time to Refresh Your Home

I staged a vacant house where remodeling was recently completed.  However, the owners didn't get a chance to use this new space due to an unexpected job change to another state.  Plus, in order for their house to show well, they had the interior painted,  a new concrete slab poured, and landscaping done. Yes, [...]

Time to Refresh Your Home2019-10-29T12:56:20-05:00

A Re-Designed Living Room

Living Room This homeowner changed her living room furniture about 5 years ago.  She found some pieces she liked, but never really felt it was perfect.  That's what happens sometimes when we purchase items that are "good enough," at the time, but don't hit the target.  It's the same way with buying clothes. You [...]

A Re-Designed Living Room2017-10-09T19:04:46-05:00

Re-Design Before Selling

Definition re·de·sign verb:   to  design (something) again in a different way noun:  the action or process of redesigning something. In theory, a redesign begins with a problem needing to be solved.  Redesigns fail when they address the wrong problem — or something that really wasn’t a problem in the first place.  A lot of [...]

Re-Design Before Selling2017-09-06T12:36:17-05:00

An Efficient Re-Design

  Premiere Home Stagers does re-designs.  What is a re-design?  It is making your home more comfortable for YOU.  I received a phone call from a person who says she has no talent when it comes to choosing furniture and accessories for her home.  She had agreed to host a gathering within a few days [...]

An Efficient Re-Design2017-01-12T19:45:41-06:00

Two Contrasting Staging Appointments

  Premiere Home Stagers went to two consultation appointments in the same day which could not have been more different. The morning appointment was an occupied consultation for a very large, expensive, custom-built home.  The homeowners had businesses in the home design realm.  And yet, their realtor suggested a third-party go through their house and [...]

Two Contrasting Staging Appointments2017-01-12T19:50:29-06:00

Re-Design Help

  People don't know that home stagers also provide a service called "Re-Design." This service is for people who wish to stay in their homes, but need some help with furniture layout, artwork placement, or even help with specifying new items such as countertops or paint colors. Kitchen Countertops These homeowners just moved [...]

Re-Design Help2017-01-17T16:25:05-06:00

Remodel Specifications

  Premiere Home Stagers provides a number of services from the expected vacant and occupied staging to helping homeowners during their remodel process. Bathroom Addition In the photo above, a new addition was built that included a bathroom and closet space.  The homeowners asked for help in determining a color scheme and choosing [...]

Remodel Specifications2017-01-17T16:31:41-06:00

Re-Design Mistakes

  Premiere Home Stagers receives requests for re-designs from time-to-time.  We love doing re-designs as an alternative to home staging.  A re-design means the homeowner is NOT selling their house, but wants a more cohesive, "put-together" look.  They know it just doesn't "feel right," but don't know how to make it better.     For one client, [...]

Re-Design Mistakes2017-01-17T16:49:38-06:00

ReDesign Choices

Premiere Home Stagers was asked to redesign a client's house. She had seen our vacant staging work and felt we would be a good match to help her with the myriad of choices to update her home.   We start with a consultation, asking her what she likes and doesn't like about her home.  We then [...]

ReDesign Choices2017-02-11T09:26:18-06:00
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