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Staging & Selling for the 2020 Housing Market

Virtual Staging Staging and selling houses in 2020 involves more technology than ever before.  For example, some realtors use virtual staging to showcase what a vacant property might look like with furniture.  Agents like this option because more than 90% of people use the internet to view properties.  Also, virtual staging is less expensive.  The [...]

Staging & Selling for the 2020 Housing Market2020-02-17T15:03:39-06:00

Not All Home Stagers are Equal

What Questions to Ask So, you decided to hire a professional home stager.  These are some questions to consider: Are you accredited What is your experience; do you have references What are your statistics - (Days on the Market after staging) What is the charge for an occupied staging and what is the process [...]

Not All Home Stagers are Equal2019-02-04T16:10:20-06:00

Some Unusual Home Staging Tips

Premiere Home Stagers is in its 10th year staging both occupied and vacant homes.  I thought I had seen and heard about almost all of the staging tips out there.  However, I recently came across some unusual tips that I thought I'd share. Unusual Tips from Realtor Magazine 1.  Have the sellers make [...]

Some Unusual Home Staging Tips2017-06-06T09:37:09-05:00

What Not to Do when Selling your House

  Ten things NOT to do when selling your house:  Do not put "temporary" items like this too-small table and folding chairs into your living space.  Of course home staging is recommended, but if the budget doesn't allow for all the rooms to be staged, then an empty room is better.   2.  Do not show [...]

What Not to Do when Selling your House2017-01-07T21:01:17-06:00

At Home Store

  There aren't any furniture rental places in Madison, WI for home stagers.  Over the years, I built up my inventory from many different places, choosing just the right furniture and accessories for each home, mixing and matching to get different looks.   I recently discovered a new store called At Home in the Milwaukee area. [...]

At Home Store2017-01-07T21:13:56-06:00

Staging a Formal Living Room

  A formal living room's decor usually focuses on design rather than function. The formal living room is located in the front of house and is used to receive and entertain guests.  The walls and horizontal surfaces are often decorated with art and artifacts rather than personal photographs. Formal Living Room This room fits [...]

Staging a Formal Living Room2017-01-07T21:17:41-06:00

Not All Home Stagers are Alike

Last week I received a phone call from a realtor whose client needed her vacant home staged as soon as possible.  I sent out a proposal based upon the rooms she wanted staged and said I could schedule the staging before the end of the week so she could have an Open House on Sunday. [...]

Not All Home Stagers are Alike2017-01-12T19:34:33-06:00

It’s a Seller’s Market

  In Dane County, Wisconsin, it is a seller's market.  In the last five years, sellers have gone from wondering if their home will ever sell, to buyers wondering if they'll get a chance to buy.   Home inventories are the lowest seen in many years. Waunakee Home for Sale Part of the reason [...]

It’s a Seller’s Market2017-01-16T06:41:45-06:00

The Cause and Effect of Home Staging

  It is a seller's market in Wisconsin. More Wisconsin homes sold in the first quarter of 2016 than any first quarter since 2007, according to the most recent analysis of the residential housing market by the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA). This house was listed for 7 months before Premiere Home Stagers was called in to [...]

The Cause and Effect of Home Staging2017-01-17T16:26:27-06:00

Masculine v. Feminine Home Staging

Living Room When listing your house for sale, it is wise to incorporate both masculine and feminine elements into each room.  When Premiere Home Stagers was asked for staging advice, it became apparent that adding some softness and color was needed.  One could tell that this living room was definitely more masculine.  How?  Two reasons:  [...]

Masculine v. Feminine Home Staging2017-01-17T16:28:35-06:00
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